With quiet neighborhoods, commercial corridors, industrial centers, and access to two major interstates, the City of Brooklyn is a diverse community with strong foundations and engaged citizens.?A Master Plan completed in 2006 has gone largely unused. The City has engaged County Planning to help create an updated Master Plan to address new opportunities and challenges in a structure that emphasizes and facilitates implementation of actions and projects.

T-33 Shooting Star jet on display
Photo: City of Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Master Plan will focus on issues that include: land use along major corridors, an outdated zoning ordinance, commercial and industrial redevelopment, transportation and connectivity, and upgrading City facilities. The process typically takes approximately one year to complete. There will be three advertised public meetings at various stages of the Master Plan process. The final Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council for adoption in a series of meetings that are open to the public as well.

Please check back regularly for updates on the process, scheduled meetings, meeting presentations, and draft Plan documents.

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